Enough Sea In The Fish: Creativity, Awareness & Happiness Trump Business...

Enough Sea In The Fish: Creativity, Awareness & Happiness Trump Business...
I used to want to be the biggest and the best in the business. I used to want to injure the competition and leave them for dead, bleeding out in the middle of the ocean where an animal even bigger than them would eventually find them and eat them alive. Problem is, that would never happen in the industry I am in. The sunglass industry is so monopolized that the competition is like a giant killer whale, or the great white shark (click here for a quick summary of the sunglass industry). The only "animal" that could even try to eat it alive, if I were able to pull off the imaginary feat of injuring it and leaving it crippled and alone in the middle of the ocean, would probably be the downfall of the very industry that would eat up the smaller whales like us alongside it for dessert right after its main course. It was a twisted paradox that for years left me unsure and confused as to how to deal with the dilemma. They are the clear leaders in our industry. Trying to blow them up would be like strapping them up to a bomb with a dead man's switch; as soon as they go they're taking everyone with them. It seemed as if we were just in the wrong industry, as trying to compete against them meant career suicide if we were successful. Until one day I learned the three life secrets. These three life secrets are so simple yet so elegantly profound and functional in a business setting it blew my mind; work from a creative mind state, understand that it's the little things that count the most, and always have fun and be happy. Once I realized this, I realized that one of my core assumptions had been wrong; I didn't have to be the biggest whale in the ocean in order to be successful. After all, why was I looking for success in the first place? I believe it was for the exact happiness that I am able to feel now every day of my life, once I am reminded to see things from an intelligent and appreciative perspective. No matter what your job is, no matter what business you're in, no matter what your industry, if you can manage to do these three things, you will be successful. It is a successful mind state that is a prerequisite to have before you can do any of these things at all. As I explain why each is so important, you might notice that the recurring theme is a psychological one; they are all activities of the mind. Where we choose to focus our attention and how our own personal psychology is made up (or rearranged!) is truly, I believe, the deciding factor in our success, our happiness, and our destiny.

     The most successful people in life are not in a competition mind frame, but a creative one. This means they realize that there is enough to go around for everyone and they respect the principles of abundance and success, knowing them as true for all. If one were to see themselves in competition with their competitors, it would put them in a negative space and they would produce at a far more basic level, with the energy of lack inside them, than if they were to realize that there is more than enough to go around, for themselves and for their contemporaries. Being in a creative mind state allows you to think of amazing alternative ways of advertising and doing business in general, while radiating the energy of possibility and abundance! This is the mindset that we're all after, whether we are conscious of it or not, and we all follow those who have it, whether knowingly or unknowingly. This huge difference in personality and behavior is invisible to the naked eye, but blatantly obvious to even the most tired soul. If you live with passion and inspiration, the byproduct of your actions will inspire others, and you will be not only admired, but appreciated and respected for everything you do, from the culture that you create when you go to work down to the way you treat the bell man on your next vacation. Life just feels better in a super positive and creative vibration!

     We must also always remember and be aware that it's the little things in life that matter most. This is true of our personal lives and our business lives. At the end, the feelings that we'll be able to stir up when reminiscing on the memories made along the way on our journeys will so drastically outweigh the feelings we'll get once we accomplish our goals, from the peaks of the mountains we set out to climb years or even decades before. After the initial high wears off, of course, the success by itself can turn into emptiness and bitterness, if we aren't careful as to how we attain it. It is the process in which we make our fortunes, that truly makes or brakes us. Do everything as right as you possibly can, to the best of your ability. Do it in a serious, yet light manner. Don't do anything that feels too heavy, and do not sacrifice your time with your family for your work, especially not for anything you are not passionate about. If you do it all with a great attitude, and give one hundred percent, you'll be a winner in your own book no matter what; and that is the only book where any critique of you matters. That book will bring you success or failure; that book will either bring you to your ultimate happiness, or it will play in your head over and over for the rest of your life, with regrets, ruminations and the like turning the pages for you against your will. Make sure to always put yourself and your lifestyle first no matter what your line of work and you'll have ten million little moments to look back on one day, that will make you happy and proud to be you.

     The last piece of advice I offer is so simple, yet so many people choose not to take responsibility for it, and for one reason or another make it so much more difficult to achieve than it actually is. You should always have fun and be happy -- No Matter What! If you can be happy and have fun at work then you can be twice as happy and have three times the fun during your downtime. I have seen in my short years on this earth, this trend engrained into the hearts of all successful people. In my experience, they learn to be happy and have fun no matter what; they learn to deal with negative issues as directly and quickly as possible, and then they shift their attention to matters that put them in a good mood and they spend their time wisely, showing their appreciation for what is good. They are always able to smile and point out the optimism inside the cloud, no matter how dark it is. This is a muscle of the mind, and I believe it can be cultivated in all of us. If we are always looking to the next big thing that is just out of our reach, nothing will ever be enough. If we can learn to turn around and set our sights a little lower instead of higher, we would see all the smaller fish in the sea who are swimming upstream trying to get to where we are, and we might just be able to put on a smile and help them out. Who knows, maybe we'd even have a little fun in the process.

     In retrospect, I've come to realize that it's alright being a smaller whale in a huge ocean. Especially when that ocean is full of even smaller fish, who make a living while actually being creative, living in the moment, and having fun. They're not worried about their size or scale (pun intended), they just go about their lives making others happy, and it makes them totally fulfilled. After looking backwards and focusing on some of the smaller fish in the sea, I can honestly reflect on what we do and feel genuinely good about it. I see the similarities in what we do, and I don't compare and contrast or look to the bigger "fish" in the sea to put my own life into perspective anymore. For nine years now we have been providing gifts for birthdays and presents for the great milestones in life like graduations and bar mitzvahs. Even if it were just that one new accessory that high school senior needed to feel fully confident and crush it on that date he had last Friday night, he was able to do it because of whales like me, businesses like ours, and that is something I can truly be proud of. I can be creative, aware and happy, and I can truly have fun at work, knowing that I am making a difference. I can bask in the feeling of that sense of importance, of being here to help the guy on his first date with his future wife, the dad who wasn't sure what to get his daughter for her 18th birthday, and millions more just like them. I've realized at the same time that our competitors, excuse me, contemporaries, deserve that feeling of satisfaction also; they deserve to help another guy out in the same way, and to help another dad in need of getting his precious daughter the perfect birthday gift. They deserve to help them and countless others, as we will. They deserve to have those small daily victories too, day in and day out, and that's an easy pill to swallow from my newfound perspective, since we can all survive in this ocean no matter how big or how small we are compared to the other fish; they deserve that much also, since it's the little things that count the most in life, so much more than the big illusions that we think do. And there are plenty of fish in the sea to help out. I can come to terms with this new perspective now after accepting one simple, yet hugely important fact: that my ultimate happiness in the end will depend on what I make of myself and my life. Since I believe I deserve that right, I have to believe that everybody else does too, no matter how small (or big) they are. I heard someone say once that it is not the years in your life that matter, but the life in your years. I think whoever said that must have been a small whale in a big ocean. Or at least he read a blog post by one...

Jason W.
Designer Accessories Ambassador
Sun Time

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