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Dita Mach-Two DRX-2031-B-60
Dita Mach-Two DRX-2031-B-60

Dita Mach-Two DRX-2031-B-60



This extension of the "Mach" series is also inspired by the love of fast cars, quick boats and sleek planes that are built with advanced construction methods and superb materials. The Mach-Two is modified to ignite the same intensity that only the finest cars, boats and planes can trigger. It’s your turn to get in the driver’s seat and take control.



  • Titanium Front Frame With Plastic Lens Rim Detail
  • Titanium Temples
  • Custom Flex Hinges
  • Titanium Nose Pads
  • Handcrafted Japanese Acetate Temple Tips
  • Double Nylor Detail
  • 100% UV Protected Lens With Anti-Reflective lens Coating



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